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I had no idea what to expect with the Doxy. I’ve never had a mains-powered vibe. The legendary Hitachi Magic Wand isn’t part of my arsenal, being Australian, we technically don’t have the Hitachi, we have the Medisil Magic Touch. I don’t think most people realize this, and it’s not the easiest to find anyway. You can get one at Black Label though, FYI.

Us Aussies actually miss out on quite a few toys. It’s not always as easy as getting a basic plug adapter, because of the difference in voltage, sometimes you need a converter (which I learnt after buying a hair-straightener when I went to the US and couldn’t use it at home. I still hold on to it, I’m a hoarder). So generally it’s a pain in the ass and we miss out on fun toys, like the Magic Wand, Eroscillator and until now, the Doxy.

I knew there would be power, more than what I’m used to. I’ve read reviews, the opinions seem pretty split, some love it and some not so much. But when I was offered one to review from Lovehoney, there was no way I could let the opportunity slip through my fingers.

Doxy Massage Wand buttons

I’m still learning what works best for me with vibrations. I know both weak and buzzy aren’t my jam. The Mona 2‘s mid-level buzzy/rumble can do it for me, but I prefer it internally. I also know my clit can be outrageously sensitive and temperamental. I didn’t know how well the Doxy would work with my body, but I figured if it didn’t work on my vag, it’d make a damn good back massager (something I do have experience with).

The Doxy Wand is a mains-powered massager, made from cast aluminium head that has a thick, squishable, coating of hypoallergenic medical grade material (Some form of PVC). The body of the Doxy is plastic. It has big ol’ buttons (on/off), (+) and (-) that work exactly as you would expect them to. When turned on the Doxy goes straight to its middle strength setting. I think that’s kind of silly, I have to start on the lowest and rarely hit anything above the middle speed. The Doxy also has a single pattern setting, a rapid increasing pulse that makes a nice warm-up and is activated by holding down the power button for a few seconds.

I have only a few complaints about the Doxy. The most important one being that it’s not waterproof. As it’s a plug-in vibe, I don’t expect it to be, but, it’d be nice if the head and body was made of silicone. All over. No gaps. I’m a squirter, so using the Doxy during penetrative masturbation or sex is out of the question, for fear of liquid getting into the toy. It’d also make cleaning a hell of a lot easier, right now I just wipe it down with a damp soapy facewasher. If you want to use it between partners, I’d recommend leaving a layer of something between you, I’m not positive that it can be fully sterilized. The ridges on the slightly flexible neck apparently collect lube and gunk. I don’t even know how I got lube and gunk on that part. I suspect it’s from using too much lube prior to putting the Doxy down, it sounded like a damn motorboat blender hybrid, probably flicking lube everywhere.

I find the buttons to be in an awkward position. They’re exactly where my hand sits, and though it’s comfy to hold, and easy to find the buttons, it means it’s also easy to press them without the intention to. On multiple occasions I’ve accidentally turned it off mid-use.

It’s 13 inches long and the circumference of the head is 7.5, so it’s too bulky for me to use whilst using a dildo.

Now that I’ve covered all the not-awesome stuff, let’s get into the fun pretty-awesome stuff.

The Doxy has a longass power cord, sitting at 2.8 metres long, which is great. I have ample power points in my room and a power board, so reach isn’t an issue for me, but if you’re not blessed with the same level of power point wealth as I, you shouldn’t have an issue.

The Doxy is strong. Obviously, ya idgit. What else did you expect. It’s basically a powertool. Ok so I lied, one more not-awesome thing is the sound. It’s loud. The lower speeds are quite subtle considering the power it puts out, but if you don’t want people to know what you’re up to, avoid the Doxy. This isn’t a toy you could get away with using in a dorm room.

The brilliant thing about the Doxy is that it has a high range of speeds. The lowest is a nice, deep, rumble (which I adore) and goes all the way up to a superfast buzz. The first few speeds I can feel flow through my vulva and entire clitoral body. The higher you go, the buzzier the vibrations get, they’re strong, but they don’t penetrate the same way the lower speeds do.

When my Doxy first arrived, I left in on the couch next to me after I took photos. At some point that afternoon, my mum and brother ventured to a neighbour’s house. I couldn’t wait any longer. I needed to know. I always thought vibrators were to help you reach orgasm faster and easier, but with me that has never really been the case. There’s been times I can’t manage to orgasm from my Mona 2. I hoped the Doxy would change this, I dream of being able to have quickies with myself that actually qualify as quickies, but I went into it without expectations.

So I grabbed the Doxy, turned it on the lowest speed and held it to me over my pajama shorts (real clothes are for losers) The vibrations carry through clothing well and my entire lower half was vibrating. Before long, not knowing when the fam would return, I was close, turning it up and pushing it harder into me, I came. Under 10 minutes, underwear still in place. I was satiated. And hella impressed.

It’s worth noting the instructions hold a very firm opinion against using pressure. I need pressure, so I’m pretending I never read that part.

I prefer to use the Doxy over my underwear or pushed onto my outer labia. My outer labia are very full and give a layer of protection from the intensity. Sometimes, in longer sessions, I move it in between my labia a little, but I have to be careful because direct stimulation isn’t something my clit is cool with. It does make positioning a bit annoying, but that’s just me, if your clit isn’t as much of a grumpy asshole, then you may not have this issue.

When I’m already horny, especially that lingering horny that comes along sometimes and refuses to leave unless I take action, the Doxy works wonders. It produces a fast, satisfying orgasm. However, from a cold start, the Doxy can’t bring me to orgasm in 10 minutes or less. If you don’t masturbate and write about it on the internet, you’re probably not using it from a cold start anyway.

The Doxy has managed to wrangle my clit in more often than not. It’s not foolproof though. My clit is temperamental. I don’t see that changing, it’s not the Doxys fault I can’t always come from vibrations alone. I have no doubt if I could use a dildo alongside it, I’d end up an absolute shaking squirty mess. Next time I’m with my boyfriend, I’ll try it. With a giant condom over it for ejaculate protection.

The Doxy has helped me learn what I like in vibrators. I am not a power Queen. I was 99% sure of this beforehand, but my experiences with the Doxy have made it concrete. But that doesn’t make the Doxy useless to me. I’m quite fond of my Doxy and its vibrations. There is such a wide array of speeds, unless you’re very sensitive, you could probably find pleasure in the Doxy. A layer or two of clothing or towels is an easy fix if it is too intense. It also makes a fabulous neck and shoulder massager for when you’ve masturbated to the point of muscle pain the next day. Trust me.

If you want power, a head without useless ridges, high speed variation and don’t mind buzz, then check out the Doxy Wand Massager.

Doxy powerful Massage WandThe Doxy Massage Wand was sent to me by in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Also big thanks to Doxy!


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