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The general consensus is that the Lelo Mona 2 is one of the best vibrators out there. A lot of bloggers will choose the Mona 2 when faced with the question of which toy they’d bring with them if they were to be stranded on an island. It can be used internally or externally, giving you the option to figure out what you like the most. It seems that most people enjoy using it more externally than internally, and I can’t argue. The Mona 2 has a nice penetrating rumble to it on the lower speeds, which get buzzier as they increase, but still have enough depth to them not to numb.

It’s not the most powerful vibrator out there, it’s not a Doxy wand, but it packs a good punch, that should be more than enough to bring your average user to orgasm.

Before I had money to spend on expensive vibes, before I cared about what type of vibration I’d get, I lusted over the Lelo Gigi. I thought it looked better. I thought the Mona was ugly, I didn’t like the shape. But then I read a bunch of reviews, really positive reviews, and decided I’d buy the Mona instead of the Gigi. Apparently it was stronger, and if I was going to spend so much money on a single vibrator, I wanted my moneys worth of power.

The one time I saw it in store, in its glass cabinet with the other luxury toys, it looked smaller than I expected, and I was a little disappointed that this was the great vibe I’d heard all about. It gave me a very “…That’s it????” sort of reaction. I still had my mind set on it though; I’m stubborn. It’s like an optical illusion. It seems kinda small, until you have it in hand and then it’s like, “Oh wait, it’s not too bad“. Mona’s max circumference sits at about 4.5” and insertable length is about the same. I find most toys are like this. You read the sizing details, measure it with a tape to imagine what you’re going to get, and it still looks smaller when you actually get it. The Mona just looks bigger, rather than smaller.

Pink Lelo Mona 2 on mangos

Mona and I have a somewhat turbulent relationship. Before Mona, I’d only ever had cheap clit vibes, with the exception of a $70 mini bodywand that I now never use. My tastes have matured. My first reaction on the Mona was that I adored the rumble on its lower speeds. I still do. Holding it against my vulva I can feel it radiate through me and it’s glorious. I was immediately converted, finally understanding what everyone meant when they described a vibrator as ‘rumbly’.

If you’ve never felt a higher end vibrator and still don’t understand ‘rumbly’, the difference is a lot like cheap earplugs (the music ones not the ear protection ones) that you get for $10 at any store and those expensive headphones that cost a kidney. With the cheapies, they’re sufficient, you can hear the music and enjoy it, but you know it could be better and that the chances of them breaking for no reason are high. Whereas with the expensive headphones, when you put them on, they block out all other sound, you can hear details in the music you’ve never heard before and the bass doesn’t dissolve into some horrid scratchy nothing. The sound engulfs you and you dread the day you finally wear them out. Like expensive headphones, rumbly vibrations are just more pleasurable.

I thought Mona would make me come in no time, the vibrations were so nice. The first time I used Mona, it took me about an hour to reach orgasm.

I was confused. It felt good but it kept slipping off where I wanted it to sit. My arm hurt from gripping the handle and pushing down. I quickly discovered I need pressure with my clitoral vibrations, but that’s really uncomfortable to accomplish with Mona.

I tried it a few more times, it still took me a long time to orgasm. I tried it on all different speeds, it was a no go. When I did eventually reach orgasm with the Mona 2 used only externally, it always felt forced, in a bad, borderline-uncomfortable way. But I kept using it, despite it taking me so long to come, because the vibrations felt nice, because I liked the variation from the finger stimulation I was used to. The orgasms just sucked.

Mona is just not good for me externally. It doesn’t work. Rubbing Mona up and down my vulva, feeling the rumble, is a nice warm up, but then I have to move on.

Using Mona whilst also using a dildo brings me to orgasm faster. I think I’m just someone who orgasms best when there’s something in my cunt too. Since I got Mona, I’ve bought a couple other clit vibes, which have helped me realize the type of stimulation I need clitorally. I favour my We-Vibe Touch because it surrounds my clit, I can add pressure without it slipping off my erect clitoris, and its 4 speeds and nice rumble work really well for me. Pink Lelo Mona 2 on mangosPink Lelo Mona 2 on mangos

When I tried Mona internally, that was awesome. If I push the handle down, Mona’s curve pushes into my G-spot and feels great. It vibrates the ever loving crap out of my G-spot and combined with clitoral stimulation, brings me to a strong climax. One that isn’t uncomfortable. As I kept experimenting with Mona, I discovered another way to use it vaginally. I stick it in to the neck, then push my hips down. The movement causes Mona to adjust with my body, and pushes it into my G-spot. This way, I can thrust my hips up and down, hands totally free for anything else, and enjoy the ride. When I’m ready to orgasm all I need to do is add a little clit stim to bring me over the edge.

As I experimented even more, I found one way to get Mona to work for me externally was in positions that aren’t on my back with my legs spread. If I’m laying on my side, Mona rests well between my labia. The handle is long enough for me to grip and add a little pressure, as well as the body not being pushed onto my hard clit, meaning it doesn’t slip from where I want it. This is great. My other external vibes are too small to grip and manipulate in positions I’d be in during sex. I’m yet to have the opportunity to use Mona during intercourse, but I don’t doubt it’ll work well.

Mona is super easy to operate. The buttons are easy to find and use while you’re doing your thang. Hold down the + to turn it on and to increase speeds, hold down the – to turn off and to decrease speed. The ∧ and ∨ to go through the vibration patterns. Holding down both – and + activates and deactivates the travel lock. It’s silicone so it can be sterilized, and you’re best to stick with water-based lube.

Mona comes with a wall charger. This means you need to buy it from a store in your country to get the correct wall socket. Good thing that pretty much everywhere stocks the Mona 2. The Mona 2 is also completely waterproof and rechargeable. When it’s plugged in and charging the LED lights in the control pad flash, when it’s done charging it glows solid. The charge lasts about 2 hours.

The Lelo Mona 2 is a good all-round vibrator. It doesn’t work well for me clitorally 99% of the time, but I still enjoy the vibrations and the internal stimulation. The vibration strength and variance is great, the vibrations themselves feel really nice. If you’re a wand person, or a deep rumble or no person, Mona probably won’t be enough. And it may be a little too thick for those not accustomed to penetration. But if you’re looking for a good all-round vibe to invest in, Mona is a good choice.

Pick up a Mona 2 at Uberkinky (UK), JouJou (AU/int’l) or straight from Lelo.

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