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Pjur Woman Nude is a paraben and glycerin free water-based lubricant. This formula of Pjur boasts no preservatives, oils, perfumes or other added stuff that could possibly cause a bad reaction on sensitive skin.

pjur woman nude

Now, I don’t have sensitive skin, not in the traditional way. My skin hates any and all forms of hair removal, but I don’t get any negative reactions to lotions or lubes. I know it’s not odd for others to react to lube though, so I try my best to review lubes that are less likely to lead to that.

Pjur Woman Nude has a few ingredients: Aqua (Water), Propylene Glycol, Ethoxydiglycol, Hydroxypropyl Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Hydroxyethyl cellulose, Sodium Saccharin and Citric Acid.

That’s a lot of words I don’t know the meaning of. Which, generally, isn’t a good sign when it comes to things you’re sticking in your bits. A quick Google search of each of them doesn’t immediately show anything sinister and I trust that those with allergies, or sensitivities, know what causes aggravation for them.

The consistency of this lube is pretty average. It’s runny but not too runny, so it doesn’t make an escape as soon as I put it on a toy. When I rub it over a toy it gets kind of patchy, which is apparently normal. I don’t pay much attention to how lube goes on silicone, as it turns out, I’d never noticed this before now.

Pjur Woman Nude is water-based so it’s suitable for any material in any hole that you could possibly dream of. It feels relatively natural, I don’t rub it on myself and feel like my vagina is being smothered, but it doesn’t feel quite as not-there as my Sliquid H2O does.

In use it’s nice and does its job well enough. It spreads well, makes things slippery, all the things I expect lube to do. It doesn’t cause me any irritation. As someone who is super messy and squirty when I orgasm, that can wash the lube away. If I’m planning on more than one orgasm, or and extended session, I do have to reapply, but not as much as I thought I’d have to.

I think Pjur Woman Nude suits much better for toy quickies, and I suspect it would work well if you just need a little extra slippery goodness when you’re having penetrative sex. It’s not a lube I’d choose for anal play, it’s just not thick or long-lasting enough. It’s formulated primarily for sensitive vaginae and I think that’s what it should stick to.

Speaking of sticking to, the Woman Nude lubricant does leave a slightly tacky residue on my skin. It soaks in but not completely so it leaves me feeling a little icky where it’s been. A wipe down with a damp cloth suffices for basic removal. If, like me, you’re super sensitive to residue (I can’t stand most body washes because I can FEEL the soap even after it’s rinsed off) you might end up spending a bit more time making sure it’s all removed.

Pjur claims that the Woman Nude is tasteless. I tried this claim, hoping it would be true. But holy goddamn nOPE. I hate tasting lube, it’s the worst part of lube testing. I try to avoid it but I couldn’t this time because the package says it’s tasteless. I sucked it up and put my trust in Pjur not to hurt me, and I was let down. It’s by no means the most disgusting thing I’ve ever put in my mouth, but it’s very sweet. It tastes like chemical sweetener, which is not a taste I find overly pleasant on its own. After being rubbed into skin it’s not as easy to detect, so if you’ve just used it during penetration then want to go to town with your mouth, A– Good on you, and B– You should be ok. Personally, I would avoid putting it on directly prior to putting your mouth on an otherwise delectable vulva.

The bottle is small and easy to hold. There’s a screw cap which can be a pain if you’ve put it back on because you have nowhere to sit an open bottle. Lubey hands and screw caps don’t mix well. The actual dispensing part is a flat disk with a hole that the lube comes out of, it works well and doesn’t get messy.

If you’re looking for a sensitive skin compatible lubricant that is easy to find, I’d definitely say Pjur Woman Nude is a good choice. It’s not the best lube for me, but it’s still a decent water-based option.


This product was sent to me by Pjur Australia in exchange for my honest review.

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