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tantus raptor orange silicone dildoThe Tantus Raptor doesn’t look like anything special and it has weird perky balls. That was my first impression upon seeing it.

I’d be lying if I said the main reason I purchased this toy wasn’t because it comes in orange; because that’s exactly why I put it in my cart. Why can’t all toys come with the option of bright orange? I also bought it because I wanted to try bigger toys, but the colour made it impossible to resist. The sale that was on at the time may have had a little bit to do with it too. Basically, I didn’t really care much for the actual design.

I don’t regret buying it at all, I love it.

The Raptor is an awesome toy. It’s made of Tantus’ super high quality silicone, which I can bend in half without much effort, but there isn’t much squish to it. The shaft has a satiny matte finish and the head is shiny. It’s pretty grippy, even if not for the girth, you’d still need lube. A good water-based one would be best. It comes in simple packaging, which isn’t suitable for storage.

Most of the shaft sits at about 12.4cm in circumference. The largest point is on the head, which is about 15 centimeters. The Raptor’s insertable length is only about 11cm, then you reach the crazy balls.

It seems like a waste, sticking balls where they are. You could have so much more shaft if not for them. I find that with the girth and big head, I don’t care about length too much though. Which is weird, because generally I like longer dildos. The stiff silicone means that the Raptor pummels the crap out of my G-spot, in the most amazing and pleasurable way possible. It’s so big that not only does it fill me and make me feel stretched, my G-spot can’t hide. I squirt like a burst water main with the Raptor.

The one downside of the larger head means that it has a tendency to pop in, which isn’t something I’m fond of. Lots of lube and warm up helps lessen it. Once the Raptor’s in me, I get super conflicted over whether I want to clench around it (awesome) or thrust like crazy (also awesome). I usually end up alternating because I can’t make up my mind. Either way it’s good, really fucking good.

Now, the balls do look really odd. But I like them more than I expected to. For a start, they stop me from thrusting too far. I can’t bang my cervix because the shaft isn’t long enough. If you’re shallower, then this may not apply. I also like the stimulation. I like the feeling of the contact when the balls hit me, it gives some stimulation to my vulva and apparently that is a thing I like. The same way I love feeling my partners pelvis hit me when they’re boning me, and think sex would be a lot less awesome without that, I enjoy feeling the balls on the Raptor thud against me as I’m going at it.

I haven’t tried riding it, I lay on my back when masturbating because it’s easiest and my thighs just aren’t up to it, but I think it’d work well. The way the Raptor sits, sloping slightly forward, I imagine that there’s a higher likelihood of it hitting the good spots.

Although the base is circular, it’s good to hold. The balls help keep it from turning around. If the Raptor does turn around, you notice immediately and don’t need to pull it out and look to re-orientate it. The space between the base and balls gives some extra grip room to anchor your fingers, so it’s comfy and easy to use.

The Raptor is both anal safe and harness compatible, can be sterilized or just cleaned with water and soap. It does collect lint, which is no surprise to anyone, and it comes in bright goddamn orange.

If you want something a bit girthier than most toys, made from high-quality, fairly solid silicone, with the potential to bash your G-spot (or prostate) into submission, then I’d highly recommend the The Raptor. It’s a little odd-looking but its performance is great.


Bonus picture because ORANGE.

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