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The OhMiBod Lovelife Adventure is a three-pronged vibrator, designed to provide anal, clitoral, and vaginal stimulation all at the same time. A rabbit vibe on steroids. Ever wanted your butthole included in the vibe action? The Adventure lets you live that dream.

OhMiBod Lovelife Adventure

The packaging the Adventure comes in is painfully cute and I’m a fan. It’s sturdy and I’ve commandeered the box for other purposes, because the pattern is cute. If you’re not a fan of pink, chances are you’re not going to like it because it’s smothered in it. All of it. Outer package, inner box, the vibrator itself. Super pink. I have pink hair so this doesn’t bother me, it’s a bright happy paradise. OhMiBod have also been kind enough to label the USB cord, which I appreciate immensely.


For an artist, my diagram skills are lacking.

The Adventure, like any dual stimulator vibe, is dependent on your anatomy. The Adventure’s body is completely rigid. There’s no flexibility whatsoever, you can’t manipulate it to fit better. As soon as I pulled it out of its disgustingly cute packaging, I knew it wasn’t going to fit me. When inserted the anal arm works, but it’s too short to reach my clit, and vibrates between my urethra and clitoral glans. 

The shaft of the Adventure is 4.8″, with about 3.5″ being insertable, and a maximum girth of 4.6″. The space between the tip of each prong is about 3.4 inches.

The vibrations on the Adventure aren’t a deep glorious rumble, but they still feel good. The internal arm has an underlying rumble to it that means I can feel and enjoy it when it’s inserted. It doesn’t numb me, or feel itchy. The external arms are buzzier, although I don’t think they’re too bad. I do wish that there were more vibration levels, they’re decent but sometimes I want more. The handle rattles with the vibrations too, as does the shaft, but once it’s inserted most sound is muffled.

I have a big booty, as I’m “plus size”, so for me to get it to touch my butt I have to jam it between my cheeks, but I enjoy the vibrations when it’s in place. They tickle more than anything and as a fan of anal stimulation, it’s a nice feeling. It increases the overall arousal and sensitivity.

As I have to add another vibe on my clit, it can be overwhelming. It’s a crazy amount of vibration going on in a sensitive area. I think this still might be a thing that happens, even if it fits your anatomy perfectly and you don’t need to add even more vibration. Having everything vibrate at the same level, simultaneously, is intense.

The main downside to the Lovelife Adventure is that you can’t control the motors separately. It’s not a complete downer though because, realistically, having buttons for three motors and controlling that when you’re trying to jack off, would be confusing and probably very frustrating.

The buttons are all one larger piece, and it’s not satisfying to press. There’s no enjoyable click, they’re a bit stiff, and just not fun. I also found them confusing initially; I actually had to go to the manual to work out how to turn it on. You can’t hold down the + button to activate like most toys, you have to hold down the ~. The ~ controls patterns too with a quick press.

The Lovelife Adventure is only splash proof. You can clean it under running water but not submerge it. There’s a few seams that magically collect vag gunk that I don’t notice until it’s dried. It takes a bit of extra care with a toothbrush to get it spotless.

Unlike some vibes, I can’t really thrust the Adventure, nor can I leave it there to do its thing. I do an up-down jiggle movement. When I push down, it hits places inside and pushes into my butthole. When I jiggle it upwards, it still stimulates but not as intensely, lightly buzzing my rim rather than pushing into it.

A cool thing about the Adventure is that not only can you use it vaginally, and have it stimulate your clit and anus, if you’re a penis owner, you can use it anally. In theory, the arm should buzz your perineum when inserted. The other might just buzz your butt, either way, the Adventure is anal safe.

To get full enjoyment out of the OhMiBod Lovelife Adventure, it needs to fit your anatomy, which will always be a gamble. However, I still enjoyed using it despite it not being ideal for my body. If the idea of the Adventure appeals to you, I say go for it. It’s a well made vibrator, with the potential to be awesome on the right person.

Until the end of April 2015, you can get an Adventure 15% off at with the code: DEVKITADV



I was sent the OhMiBod Lovelife Adventure in exchange for my honest review.

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