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BS Atelier G-spot Dildo Sport Tokyo colourOne massive downside to living in Australia is that it’s not always easy to find quality toys, especially if you’re after a specific brand. It’s slowly becoming easier to find Tantus products, though not all of them. This was the case with BS Atelier. If it can be hard to find Tantus, it’s a tall ask to get handmade products from Madrid, Spain.

I’ve been lusting after a BS Atelier toy for a while. I am perfectly capable of ordering from overseas, but I avoid it where I can because of the shipping cost. Adult Spice is one of the stores in Australia that stocks BS toys, and I’m lucky enough to have gotten one for review.

As I said, BS Atelier toys are handmade in Madrid. They’re made from high-quality silicone, and medical grade pigments. This means BS toys are 100% body-safe and completely sterilizable. There’s a whole array of colours available, lots of stripes and even a cow print. I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the choices. My BS G-Spot is in size medium, in the Sport Tokyo colouration.

When getting new silicone toys, it’s always a guess on how firm the silicone will be. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the silicone used for the G-spot dildo has some squish to it. Not a lot, but more than a Tantus toy. It’s also flexible enough to bend in half easily.

My G-spot dildo has a couple of minor imperfections; a tiny bit of excess silicone on the shaft, as well as a scratch, but otherwise it’s perfect. I can’t feel the imperfections in use, and it’s no harder to clean, so I’m not overly fussed. The crafting of this dildo is great otherwise. The stripes are pretty damn crisp and wonderfully done.

The BS G-spot dildo is obviously designed for G-spot stimulation. If you couldn’t tell by the name, the shape gives it away. Unlike some G-spot orientated toys that have a bulbous head doing the stimulating, the G-spot has a semi-flat head, with a slow increase in size down the shaft. Reminiscent of the head of the LELO Ella. But the shaft gets thicker, which leads to a different type of stimulation.

The silicone being flexible means that it doesn’t provide hard and intense stimulation on the G-spot, but caresses it. Rather than the head being stuffed inside you and yanking on your swollen G-spot with each thrust, it rubs it on its way in and out.

It’s a G-Spot toy I can fuck myself with through my orgasm. With other G-Spot toys they can get stuck with my clenched muscles, or my genitals are over-sensitive from how intense the stimulation is, but it’s not like that with this dildo.

It’s a much gentler form of G-Spot stimulation than I’m used to, but it’s pleasant and I really enjoy it. If you’re looking to get into G-Spot stimulation, or you know you like it but find other toys too intense, I think the BS Atelier G-Spot dildo would be really great for you.

My G-Spot dildo is in the medium size, which measures 7 inches along the outer curve, with the maximum circumference at the bottom of the shaft being 5.6″ and the tip 4.2″(ish). I find it to be a good size for me. I really only use the top half, as that’s all I need to reach and rub my G-Spot, but there’s a small and large option available too, depending on what you’re comfortable with.

The BS Atelier G-Spot dildo is a gentle G-spotter that could work for everyone. It’s a handmade masterpiece, that’s just as beautiful in use.

Adult Spice

I was sent this product by Adult Spice in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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