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Divine Interventions Buddha's Delight gold silicone dildoDivine Interventions is a small company compiled of artisans who specialize in religious themed silicone toys. They have multiple religious figures immortalized in lovely, metallic silicone. Jesus, Virgin Mary, a nun and even the Devil.

Divine Interventions toys will undoubtedly create divided opinions. A brief scroll through the Guestbook on their site will show that. I’m not remotely religious, and I’m not bothered by the blasphemous nature of these toys. If you are offended, I suggest leaving now.

I’ve seen the Divine Interventions toys around, and consequently laughed and lusted after them, before finally convincing myself to email them to see if they’d be willing to send me something to review. I requested the Buddha’s Delight, as some of the others looked a bit too pokey, and Buddha has the largest maximum diameter.

And that’s basically the story of how I ended up with a Buddha cervix-deep in my vagina.

The Buddha’s Delight is a functional sculpture. It’s an elongated, laughing Buddha, with a dainty set of testicles at the base. This is a very textured toy due to the details of Buddha. There’s a big head, with added ripples on the back, long ear lobes, arms, smiley cheeks. It’s intense.

My first experience using the Buddha’s Delight was actually quite painful. I don’t know if I was just more sensitive that day, but no matter how I had Buddha facing inside me, the texture felt hard and unforgiving. My sessions with Buddha have since improved greatly and I’ve come to be quite fond of this unique toy; there was just a small learning curve to be had.

The silicone used is firm, there’s a little give but not much, so you feel all of the ridges and shapes. I was surprised by how much I could feel the texture in use, especially Buddha’s nose. I didn’t think it’d be obvious, but its actually quite uncomfortable for me. I’ve had to experiment with how I hold and use this toy to avoid feeling Buddha’s button nose scraping and poking my walls.

Using the Buddha’s Delight with the testicles facing straight up or down is uncomfortable for me. These are the positions where I can feel the nose most. I like to use it with the balls toward my pubic mound, with it twisted slightly to my left. This way, the nose doesn’t dig but I still get all the stimulation from texture.

Most of the nerves and sensitivity in the vagina are in the first few inches, so I also find Buddha far more comfortable to use once the nose, and the majority of the texture, have passed that section of my vag. This can be frustrating though, because then next to no texture rubs my G-spot. With the help of ample water-based lube, and using it deeper at first, I can adjust, and as I’m building to orgasm, I can pull the texture along my G-spot.

Once I got used to the texture, I found myself enjoying Buddha’s Delight. The lumps and bumps work well to stimulate internally, and it’s long enough to hit deeper spots inside me. Once Buddha’s nose is positioned properly, I can push down on the end and the firm silicone bumps my G-spot. With the texture added into that equation, it’s intense, but manages to not be too much. It’s not a G-spot toy, but I do get that enjoyable stimulation that I love.

Buddha’s balls are, I think, the comfiest fake testicles I’ve ever held. They’re small so they fit well in hand, I’m not straining my fingers around a massive base and getting cramps. They extend outward enough that I can rest my arm on my body and thrust lazily when I want. They’re just really well designed balls.

The shaft curves backwards ever so slightly and the balls mean that Buddha stays standing. You can even stick Buddha up your ass if you want, and it won’t get lost.

Buddha’s Delight is quite large. The maximum circumference is about 6 inches with an insertable length of about 6 inches too.

The Buddha’s Delight comes with two colour options, mine is obviously gold. It’s a true bright gold colour, and not only does it have a lovely shimmer, it has intricate swirls throughout the toy that are nothing less than gorgeous.

The texture is intense and if you’re sensitive, or just not used to it, will probably be hell. It’s thick and not for the faint of heart or hole. But if you’re a texture loving size Queen, it can be pretty great.

The Divine Interventions Buddha’s Delight is an entertaining, completely ridiculous, wonderful piece of fuckable art. It’s truly a unique toy that anyone who collects sex toys, and doesn’t mind defiling religious figures, will appreciate.



I was sent the Buddha’s Delight by Divine Interventions in exchange for my honest review.

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