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Blush Novelties My Little HeavenThe Blush Novelties My Little Heaven is a small, very inexpensive silicone dildo. Its product description markets it as a G-spot stimulator. Prior to requesting it, I’d read a couple of reviews about it, and the reviewers, whom I trust, liked it. I didn’t quite believe something so small and unassuming would be all that awesome. All of this culminated to me desperately wanting to try it.

The My Little Heaven is made from nice smooth purple silicone. It has around 5 inches of insertable length and has a maximum circumference of 3.5″, with a thin loop-handle on the end.

The My Little Heaven is easy to insert because of its petite size, but because silicone can be grippy alone, it’s worth using a little bit of water-based lube to help things along. The silicone is also very flexible due to how little girth there is in some spots. There’s some squish in the thicker parts, but the small bridges joining them bend very, very easily. As does the handle. The loop is thicker on one side, but both of them are highly flexible. It makes getting a good hold on it feel awkward because the loop collapses under your grip, and moves when you don’t want it to. In addition to the bridge joining the handle to the shaft, it bends and can be a mild annoyance when you’re thrusting.

When inserted the “right way” (with the thicker part of the handle facing up) I can very much feel the upward tip at the end rubbing me internally. It doesn’t rub my G-spot a whole lot, at least not very intensely, but it does feel nice. When turned the other way, with the bulges facing my G-spot, I do feel it grab there more, but the handle bends more this way and makes it hard to thrust. It stimulates, and used with a clit vibe, it brings me to some great squirting orgasms. So it apparently hits my G-spot well, just not as hard as what I’m used to.

If the entire toy were just a tiny bit thicker, I think I’d enjoy it a lot more. It’d be easier to thrust, and I’d feel it more intensely. The My Little Heaven would be awesome for a newbie though. If you haven’t experienced insertion before, it would be wonderful. It’s so petite, inexpensive and does what it’s designed to do. If your vagina isn’t a black hole like mine (as soon as I’m turned on it’s prepped to take a monster cock), it will stimulate better because of the tighter fit.

Blush Novelties My Little HeavenOne way I found to make the My Little Heaven more enjoyable for me, was to use it with an anal toy inserted. This way, the ridges rubbed against the buttplug, which stimulated my vaginal/butt wall. And in turn, the buttplug would push the toy into my G-spot more. This was by far the favourite way I used it. I love anal play, but I usually still need some vaginal penetration to orgasm; some toys will be too thick and get very, very intense, which I like, but don’t always want. The My Little Heaven is so small that it interacts with the plug without pushing it out, and still stimulates my vagina brilliantly. It’s an awesome ride.

Now, usually toys that are good for G-spot use also work well for prostate stimulation, however I’d advise against that with the My Little Heaven. The handle is too flimsy to work as a flared base, and unless you have a constant finger through the loop, it could disappear. I’ve had this happen with another toy with a flexible handle, and learnt my lesson the hard way. Learn from my mistakes.

Cleaning is a breeze. Like any other silicone toys it can be cleaned sufficiently with warm water and soap, or boiled to sterilize. If I don’t pay enough attention when cleaning, a little bit of vag gunk will collect in the loop, but that’s easily fixed.

I really like the Blush Novelties My Little Heaven. It’s so affordable, $18 at SheVibe, and perfect for anyone, although I would wholeheartedly recommend it to beginners. It’s small, but it’s mighty.


I also have one to give away! Look out for the giveaway post within the next couple of days!

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I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review.



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