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Lovehoney Silencer USB BulletI try to be on the lookout for vibrators that sound alright, are relatively inexpensive and easy to find. I’ll always recommend saving to buy something higher quality, but I also realize that’s not an option for everyone.

Lovehoney were wonderful enough to send me their own-brand USB Silencer Bullet. The shape is very similar to a few other clitoral vibes out there, dainty and streamlined, while boasting a very easy charging system. Under the cap there is a USB plug; simply twist and remove the shorter cap, then plug it in wherever you want. Laptop, outlet charger with a USB port, if you’ve got one in your car you could even do it there. There’s no charging cable to lose, or get tangled, but I am mildly worried I will manage to lose the cap.

When in use it’s fairly damn quiet, and I find my duvet muffles the light sound almost completely. If not for the Lovehoney logo, and maybe even despite it, it’s still a very discreet toy.

But are the vibrations any good? Well, they’re not terrible. I was surprised by them when I first used it. The vibrations have a depth to them that means they aren’t classically buzzy. I like them. They feel nice. There’s several speeds so I can start low and move up, and the vibrations stay the same frequency and I don’t lose any depth. My clit doesn’t go numb and it can… almost get me off.

The one major downside I find with the Lovehoney Silencer is that it’s not quite strong enough. For uninitiated clits it might be good, but for me and my finicky clit, it’s not. Just a couple higher speeds and I would be happy. I usually start at the midway speed as the lower ones are far to weak to do anything. I use the LH Silencer to woo my clit, and once I’m turned on I switch to something stronger. The Silencer just can’t get me there.

The highest speed is close to the first speed on a needs-to-be-charged-soon We-Vibe Touch, so I would consider it on the lower end of average. There is definitely weaker out there.

If I try to wait it out, and hope it’ll make me come, it ends up going flat. I haven’t timed the battery life on it, because I’m too easily distracted to pay attention to something for that long. My sense of time is horrible, but if I had to guess, the life is about an hour. I really wish it were more. I enjoy the vibrations but sometimes it takes me a while to warm up, and maybe the Silencer could bring me to orgasm if it stayed strong for another 15 minutes. It’s very obvious when it’s dying because the vibrations dull, so I hold the + button hoping it’ll increase to a higher speed, but it doesn’t. And it hurts my heart. It gets me up there and it gets me to the point I want to reach for a dildo and finish myself off, but then it loses the little oomph it has and I throw it to the side.

I can’t tell how many speeds there are either. I’ve tried counting them numerous times and every answer is different. Either there’s some speeds where the change is unperceivable, or the buttons don’t always cooperate with my demands. The second scenario seems more likely. Which frustrates me but it’s hardly the end of the world. The buttons themselves cause more frustration in use though, because I can never find them. When I’m using the LH Silencer it twists in my hand so when I go to change speed I have to feel around all sides, and I can’t always find them. Boo.

I don’t have anything legitimately bad to say about the Lovehoney Silencer. I enjoy the vibrations it puts out and I enjoy the shape. It’s waterproof so it’s easy to clean, and charging is incredibly convenient and simple. Not being strong enough is more of a personal preference, but the battery life could definitely be better.

The Lovehoney Silencer 6 Function Bullet is best suited to those who don’t need strong vibrations. Those who haven’t used a vibrator before, or have used one and found it far too strong. I imagine the Silencer to be ideal for the more sensitive clitorises among us. If you want a vibrator that is direct but not necessarily pinpoint, and has the choice for a very relaxed intensity, the Silencer is a good affordable choice.

It retails for AUD$40, but with Lovehoney’s regular sales and promos you can pick it up for less. It’s currently available in their 3 for $100 promotion. Lovehoney is one of the companies I will usually link to when they’ve got a good sale going, if you want those links when they come you should follow me on Twitter.

lovehoney_logoI was sent this product in exchange for my honest review


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