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SVR1Tenga has released a new vibrator, the SVR, or Smart Vibe Ring if you want to be technical, and I’m slightly confused about its intended purpose.

On the Tenga site it’s very obviously designed to be used around fingers, but on other sites they’re marketing it as a cock ring. Honestly, I love the idea of it being a vibe made to make fingering better. I like that it’s a vibe that can be used in couples that aren’t made up of one penis and one vagina, or couples who don’t delve into insertion outside of fingers. I like that it celebrates other ways to have sex. That’s rad as hell to me, and that’s how I treated it. It could be used as a cock ring, however my very limited experience would lead me to believe that if your cock isn’t used to rings, or is anything above average in girth, it may be uncomfortable despite how stretchy it is.

I personally don’t have a partner with a penis to test toys like this out on anyway, but I was excited to try it because of the picture on the Tenga SVR page. It showed a way of using a vibe ring that I’d never considered –  looping it over your fingers to make fingering even cooler. Which I am 100% down for.

Fingering myself is a bit dull unless there’s a vibe involved, but chances are when I’m too lazy to grab a dildo I’m also too lazy to want to use both hands to get off. Being able to do both? With ONE HAND? Awesome. Magical. Best thing. Someone give Tenga an award for enlightening me to this possibility. Sadly, it doesn’t really truly work for me, at least not using it on myself.

SVR55W423423The vibrations are about on par with the Tenga Iroha Yuki in frequency, though there’s two extra speeds. I enjoy them, but anyone who needs strength and/or a good rumble will be left disappointed. I do wish they were deeper, as they’re not quite enough to get me off most times, but they are nice and they do woo my clit. Had I not become accustomed to rumblier vibrations since my Yuki review, I have no doubt my clit would swoon over the SVR.

It certainly doesn’t help the SVR’s case that when in contact with hand, clit and large labia, the vibrations dampen considerably. Even so, I do find it makes fingering more enjoyable, and caters to my laziness wonderfully, until I get to the point I want to come. I imagine it would work better as a fingering-helper if your labia majora were daintier than my fatty ones, or if you’ve got a large clitoris, as there’d be less skin coming into contact to dampen it.

I personally found my labia were a bit of a nuisance when it came to getting the clitoral arm in place. Like most vibes I had to spread ’em, but then when I moved my hand it dislodged from where I wanted it. Once again, likely not going to be an issue if your labia aren’t large and in charge like mine.

Even when it’s in use the SVR is easy to operate, it’s a simple one button control. Holding it down turns it on/off and clicking cycles through the 5 speeds and 2 patterns. The button isn’t too easily pressed that it changes itself at important times, but it’s not so hard that you want to throw it at a wall. If this was an electronics button review site the Tenga SVR would get top marks.

The battery life is supposed to last an hour, I didn’t time it, but if I had to guess I’d say that an hour is about right.

I find the silicone ring to be quite comfortable around my fingers. The fingers between my index and pinkie (my preferred fingering fingers) are 4.5 inches around. The silicone barely stretches when in place, however, if I invite my index finger to the party, bringing the circumference to 6 inches, it gets a bit snug.

The clit stimulator itself has a decent length to it, about 6cm or 2.5 inches, so it can fit an alright range of anatomies. It’s made from nice silky silicone, that like most silicone, and unlike Tenga’s magical dust-proof one they use in the Iroha line, collects lint, but not too much. There’s a logo imprint on one side thats purpose is probably just to collect goo; you’ll need something with bristles if you want to clean it thoroughly. Being silicone does mean it can be sterilized though, so when you eventually get sick of the crusty white letters, you can scrub and sterilize it thoroughly with some diluted bleach. You can even wash it off well because the SVR is waterproof up to 50cm or 19.5 inches.

As I expect from a toy with a fairly high price tag, the entire design – from toy to packaging – is understated and simple. The materials feel and look like they’re quality. It comes in a nice box, there’s no explicit imagery, just a picture of the SVR, and it even has a travel case that I’m in love with. The SVR fits inside perfectly, it’s nice and compact. If I were to carry a vibe on me, this would be the one; the case protects it from harm and fluff without being oversized like most carry cases are.

The Tenga SVR is a good toy. It’s not rumbly enough for me, and overall doesn’t work for my anatomy, but it’s a fairly well designed product. It’s handy, and as a fingering ring it has the potential to work well assuming you have the correct anatomy.

Tenga is also giving a load of people the chance to win an SVR of their very own; all you have to do is enter their competition and if you’re chosen, you get an SVR to test and at the end of two weeks you just fill out a survey! If you’re interested in reviewing it’d be a great opportunity to start, or if you just like free things, it’s a pretty sweet deal too. 

Entries open December 1st and close on Dec 25th.


I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

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