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Not all that long ago I was contacted by someone over at Traz and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their product. As you can probably tell, I said yes.

The Rhinos by Traz are silicone penis extenders designed to slip over the penis and increase length and girth. There’s a few designs and colours to choose from. The Sleek, Genesis and Stampede. I received the former two, all in the colour vanilla.

What got me interested in the Rhinos was that they claimed to be silicone. If you’ve ever looked on a sex toy site in the penis extenders category, you’ll see a lot of them are made from dodgy materials that aren’t suitable for penetration, there’s very few that are made of silicone. Silicone is a wonderful, completely body-safe material and can be steralised for use between different partners or different orifices. There’s also tonnes of different levels of firmness and outer finish. Silicone can be washed with soap and water, or steralised by boiling or a 10% bleach solution.

Upon first opening the boxes, my initial thought was that they felt a lot like the rubbery feel of a Doc Johnson Original dildo I had once that is now in my Jar of Horrors. This worried me, so I did what any good sex toy reviewer would, and grabbed a lighter. Now, the idea of the flame test is that because true silicone can withstand a high level of heat, it shouldn’t be damaged by a flame. Crappy materials can’t and will be damaged substantially. So I held the flame to the lower end of my Genesis and I’m happy to report it passed with flying colours.

The Rhinos are a three-part system, all of which is silicone. There’s the sleeve, a solid ribbed core and a ‘no slip grip tip’ which is essentially a plug. They come in a box with a clear window that’s suitable to use for storage, if you wish. Rhinos can be used in a few ways; as a penis extender, on a dildo, as a vibrator sleeve and as a stroker. If you’re planning to use it for it’s purpose as a penis extender, you put a little lube on the core, slip it in, lube up your penis, slip it in, squeeze out the remaining air and pop in the tip, creating a vacuum seal. This is also how it’s put together for use on a dildo or vibrator. It’s not necessary to use the core and works just as well without it, assuming the sleeve is filled; otherwise it’s crazy pliable so in use it would be useless, as well as not creating a proper seal. Both the core and the sleeve can be easily trimmed with scissors if you so desire.

I was surprised by how strong it is. The vacuum seal works wonderfully, and doesn’t slip off any of the dildos I’ve used it on.  The toy I used it on first was my Tantus Vamp. The Vamp is by no means a small dildo, and took quite a bit of lube and elbow grease to force into the sleeve. Once in, there was no way it was coming out. Later I used it on my Tantus Echo Handle, which is thinner and it was still a little difficult to get off. I tried it on a thinner dildo, my Tantus Leisure, but it was too thin and couldn’t create a seal.

Aside from size, there’s few differences between the Sleek and Genesis sleeves. Both have the rubbery finish, neither matte nor shiny and instead an in-between sort of feel. They’re super grippy and a good water-based lube is a necessity. You can use silicone lubricant, in fact on the included info sheet it says that because it’s high quality silicone, it’s safe. I used my SPUNK Pink lube, which is a hybrid, and it had no ill effects. I would always recommend caution though as you don’t want to ruin your toys. The core is a great little place to spot-test.


The Rhino Sleek

The circumference of the Sleek while empty is 5.6″ but it changes depending on how large the inner object is. On the Vamp, it stretched the sleeve quite a bit, but gave it a nice increase in size. Next I tried it on my Echo Handle and loved it. My biggest problem with the Echo was that it’s not as thick as I like, with the sleeve on it was perfect. It stayed on well despite not having a base to help the suction. I’ve been contemplating buying another, thicker, handled dildo because of this, but now I don’t need to. I can have my ribbed handled Echo when I want, and then a thicker handled dildo too. Had I not received it for review, I wouldn’t buy it for this purpose.

It doesn’t hit my G-spot on its own. I can angle the toy to hit it, but the G-spot ridge doesn’t do anything. I can’t feel it at all.

I also tried it as a vibrator sleeve. Currently the only vibrator I have is the Mona 2, which is not the ideal shape to put a sleeve on. It would by-far work better with a straight vibrator. It did dampen the vibration noticeably and almost made them feel itchy internally due to that. It didn’t do much for me, really. I appreciated the extra padding on the vibrator, it allowed me to thrust my hips to get it to rhythmically nudge my G-spot. With Mona being a thin coating of silicone on rigid plastic, it can feel uncomfortable doing that normally. I tend to prefer squishier things internally, so it felt nice in that aspect.


The Rhino Genesis

The Rhino Genesis is quite frankly, massive.

The circumference of the extender itself, before anything is inserted is 6.4″. When put on my Vamp, the circumference is 7.5″. Massive. Even with a smaller toy inside its no laughing matter. If you’re not used to penetration or not a member of the girth squad, you’re probably not interested in penis extenders anyway but you’d best avoid the Genesis altogether.

The Genesis is designed for girth more than length. It follows through on that promise. It took me warm up, endless amounts of lube and some Sven think to even get it inserted. For a second I worried I’d broken something. When I did get it in, it filled and stretched me nicely. I’m usually a thruster and I can thrust with the Genesis, but I enjoy just holding it. Like the Sleek, it doesn’t hit my G-spot, the small ridge pretty much disappears. Even if it didn’t I’m not sure it’d be enough to stimulate anyway. The Genesis is ideal if you love being stretched and full.

I tested it on my Echo, which made getting it in easier, but it still doesn’t hit my G-spot whatsoever.


There’s a couple of problems that lead the ridge to be less than great at G-spotting. There’s not enough reinforcement or prominence, if the silicone there were thicker, I think it would be much better. Another solution would be to make the entire head more bulbous, that way it’d become a “large girth + bulbous head = nowhere to hide” situation. The downside to that is that it would be impossible for me personally to use the Genesis without splitting myself in half.

The plug can be fidgity. Its flexible, so sticking it in the hole can be a pain especially when there’s lube involved. Multiple times I’ve pushed it in too far. After the effort to get a dildo in the sleeve in the first place I don’t want to go through the effort of pulling it out to get the plug back. Admittedly this is how I learnt that if the dildo is big enough, the sleeve stays in place without the plug. It’s also small. When I went to clean up afterward, I forgot about the plug loose in the sleeve and lost it down the drain. You can get a pack of plugs on the Traz Rhino site for a whopping $0.01 + postage. The core can also be a royal pain to get out of the sleeve, I prefer to use them without it.

Don’t let that take away from how good the extenders are though. They’re high quality and work for what their main use is, a penis extender. I’m happy with my guys size and don’t see myself using them on him. Maybe if I want to feel really stretched or use it on him because he wont let me buy him a fleshlight. But I will definitely be using them in the future on toys when I’m craving something bigger than the dildos I currently own.

Here’s a review from a male point-of-view that covers using it as a stroker.

I wouldn’t recommend the Traz Rhinos if you just want to use them on toys, it feels like a waste. You could just buy another toy.

I’d recommend it for anyone with a penis to use it on, whether yours or someone elses, as then you can use it for multiple purposes. Wanna have sex with it on? Awesome, you can. Wanna use it as a masturbation sleeve? Sure. Wanna play with bigger sizes on toys? You can do that too. It feels redundant as just a dildo sleeve, but if you can also use it on a real flesh and blood penis, then hell yeah, I’d say its worth it.


If you’re interested in getting your own Rhino, you can get 10% off with the code Deviant.

rhinoHuge thanks to Traz for sending me their product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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