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My vagina is betraying me.

I’ve come to love and crave thicker toys. When I’m looking at sizes of new dildos to add to my collection, I go for the bigger ones. Now here I am, after reviewing the average-sized Tantus Adam dildo a couple of weeks ago and loving its smaller-than-my-average size, I have the Vixen Leo in my possession and I’m smitten.

IMG_3770The Vixen Creations Leo silicone dildo is a single density, realistically styled fake cock from the same company that makes the wondrous VixSkin. They’re well-known in the blogger community for how gosh darn awesome their squishy dual-density is. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Leo, this is my first single density Vixen toy, but I’m impressed.

For a start, the colouring? Love it. It’s a gorgeous iridescent purple marble (also has a black colour option). It sucks to take photos of but it’s absolutely beautiful. I want to look at it forever.

The silicone itself is nice and firm but still has a reasonable amount of give, more than Tantus’ normal silicone. It’s flexible without being floppy and has a suction cup which is fun to stick to things and flick it so it bounces around. I stuck Leo to my plain ol’ painted wall and it stayed for 3 days before I needed to take it off to test it again. The dildo itself is too short for me to bother using it hands free, my booty is too big. If that’s your jam though, the suction cup is good. I’ve spent some time gently pulling on it with my hand to see if it’d hold up, and it does. Too much will pull it off, but unless your hole has a super grip it should be fine.

It is small for me. The insertable length is nice at just over 6 inches and the girth doesn’t get any higher than 5 inches circumference around the coronal ridge. The shaft is a smidge smaller than the head, giving it a nice protrusion that provides surprisingly awesome internal stimulation.

So, as it turns out, I can enjoy smaller toys. The Vixen Leo has fucking schooled me. 

The Vixen Creations Leo has detailed parts to it, there’s foreskin folds and some very light veining, but overall it’s smooth. It’s fairly grippy but that’s easily fixed with some water-based lubricant. I was shocked when I first slid Leo into me. I wasn’t expecting to feel the foreskin ridges, but I did. It feels abrasive. At first I was worried, slipping a toy in and feeling it almost scratch at my vaginal wall? Not nice. Not for me. My immediate reaction was to pull it straight back out because no, I didn’t expect that. However, after a couple of thrusts I’d forgotten all about the scrapey feeling.

The corona and foreskin texture, alongside the small curve, go for gold right into my G-spot. The texture of the Leo scrapes (that sounds terrible but it’s not, promise) against my G-spot and feels glorious. The thinner girth makes it easy to thrust Leo extremely fast; just how I like it. Once I’ve started thrusting, and as I become more aroused, the texture disappears behind the pleasure engulfing my genitals.

Leo’s bottom is easy to grip for subsequent thrusting and in no time I’m coming hard. Leo has the ability to trigger my super lubricated vaginal fluid splashing all over reaction. I’m squirting fluid everywhere before I’ve even orgasmed. Leo stimulates me like crazy. Crazy. I’m amazed.

The Vixen Creations Leo is a very simple, understated silicone cock, but it’s great at what it does. I never expected it to be as good as it is. I was expecting it to be too small, that the head wouldn’t be enough, NOPE. It gives firm and intense stimulation without invading every inch of my cunt, without stretching me, without forcing me to use trucks of lube because it’s gripping my outer labia. When I want a quickie, when I just want to come without too much effort, Leo is what I’m reaching for.

I actually chose Leo over another dildo. A nice thick dildo. I used Leo, came, grabbed the other toy, got frustrated at the stimulation not being as intense, then threw it away and grabbed Leo again. Leo is the best thrusting buddy I could hope for.

The Vixen Leo is easily cleaned with soap and water, or sterilized by boiling for 3 minutes. It’s best to stick to water-based or even hybrid lube to avoid ruining the silicone. Leo does collect lint pretty hardcore. No more than most silicone dildos with the same finish, but it’s still a pain. A quick wash or wipe with a towelette (you can get them specifically for sex toys and intimate areas) before use fixes that.

Leo comes in a clear plastic cylinder with the Vixen logo which is suitable for storage and helps avoid too much fluff, but it’s not at all discreet. Honestly, it’s a good way to store it; the see-through nature can be easily remedied with some fun coloured paper wrapped and taped around it. Or maybe cover it in glue and put excessive amounts of glitter on it, that’d also work.

The Vixen Creations Leo is not for people who can’t handle texture or who are very sensitive to it. There’s almost none, but what there is can be rough. Size wise it’s suitable for everyone. For beginners the size shouldn’t be too intimidating, and for more advanced toy users, the feeling the foreskin gives is enough for it to not be boring, it may even become a staple in your toy box.

If you’re someone, like me, who loves thrusting, especially the fast and unforgiving kind? Leo is awesome.

If you can’t handle firm toys, or are scared of the texture, check out some of the other Vixen Creations toys, especially VixSkin. It’s super squishy and forgiving. The Vixen VixSkin Mustang, Goodfella and Tex are all of similar girth to the Leo.

You can get them all here at Uberkinky.

bannerI’m now part of the Uberkinky reviewer program! I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

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