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Meo Alpha Male 3When Meo asked if I wanted to review some things for them, I obviously said yes, and I was sent a box of random things they’d picked out for me to try. One of those things, to my joy, was the Alpha Male 3 Stimulator. It’s essentially an Njoy Pure Wand, but from Meo.

I’ve been blogging for while now and I’m still yet to invest in the real Pure Wand due to not knowing whether I’d like it. Solid toys are very hit-and-miss for my vagina. I’m a thruster so they can be quite brutal, because whacking a hard object against your pubic bone repeatedly has a tendency to hurt. I’ve tried to only jiggle them instead but 9 out of 10 times it doesn’t give me the stimulation I need. Metal is heavier than glass, which I imagined would be worse when it comes to my incessant need to thrust, so I hadn’t sprung for any metal dildos, or requested any for review for fear of hating them – receiving the Alpha Male 3 meant I could try it out and see how my body cooperates.

And I wholly regret not buying metal toys in this design sooner.

I kind of love it. A lot. 

The Alpha Male 3 is made from polished Stainless Steel. When it comes to quality of metal toys, and testing whether they’re what they claim to be, I’m clueless. To me, it feels heavy and smooth and glorious, it’s held up to existing on my bedroom floor and drawers among piles of toys and miscellaneous items, and there’s next to no scratches. I hadn’t noticed any until I examined it closely while taking pictures for this review. The ones that I have spotted are small, and likely wouldn’t exist if I’d kept it inside the hard storage box it comes in.

The box is not as nice as the toy. Does it work? Yeah. It’s got clippy lock things that keep it closed and in theory, if I wasn’t so lazy with toy storage, would work very well. Does it live up to the quality of Njoy storage boxes? Nope. The box my Alpha Male 3 came in has the satin inside coming out, it seems like it wasn’t stitched properly. I hope this isn’t a regular occurrence, but I’m merely talking from my experience with it. When it comes to expensive, higher-end toys and materials I expect the storage to be just as nice. It has a job to do, and though it doesn’t affect that, it does make the toy itself seem tackier and makes me question the overall quality.

The toy though, I love it. Even if I’m not 100% certain it’s quality stainless steel. It was love at first fuck.

There’s two useable ends, one is a smaller bulb, the other larger. Being the size fanatic I am, I prefer the larger end but both are amazing. A small dollop of lube – you can use any formulation you like, a huge bonus of metal and glass toys – and it slips in easily, if I’m sufficiently turned on it’ll glide on in with a bit of spit.

Alpha Male 3You wanna hear the coolest part? By some magic of design excellence, I don’t need to thrust with it. I can, and sometimes do, but I’m also more than happy to insert it, get it in place and let go. The weight pushes it into my G-spot, and all I need to keep it in place is a finger or two resting against the end. Alongside the weight of the Alpha a light jiggle works wonders. Those couple of fingers holding it? A little pushing from them provides a wonderful amount of stimulation right to my G-spot. Wanking this way with the Alpha and a clit vibe pushes me into a satisfying, prolonged orgasm. I squirt, and I feel like my orgasm is extended, and it’s kind of magnificent.

The weight of the Alpha is very much felt internally, not just by the ease of stimulation, but someway somehow I can feel the heft inside me. Is my vagina a dildo-scale? Maybe. Jury’s out on that one.

The bulbs really hone in on my G-spot and rub it just right. It doesn’t provide the same grabby friction I thrive on with other G-spot toys, and I actually prefer the slickness the metal provides vs similarly shaped toys like the Comet Wand. The way the bulbs slide against my insides is different for me, and highly enjoyable.

alpha male3I expected the weight to make my weak wrists angry, yet it doesn’t. The lack of effort needed to make it work means I don’t feel any pain. If you have very sensitive or weak joints/muscles then it may be harder for you, so be cautious of that.

Being metal you can use it for temperature play. Metal toys generally feel cool anyway, but if you want it to feel even more noticeable and take longer to warm to your body temp, you can simply sit it in a bowl of cold water. If you want it to be warmer, a bowl of warm water. Please remember not to freeze it, microwave it, boil it or use hot water. All of those things can lead to bad outcomes due to pushing the temperature of the toy into too higher extremes.

Metal is also very, very, disgustingly easy to clean. There’s no crevices on the Alpha Male 3 to get any bodygoo stuck in. You can use warm water and soap, you can boil it (just be careful and don’t touch it with bare hands!!!) or even a toy cleaner.

The Meo Alpha Male 3 is a toy I didn’t know I needed. Intrigued but not convinced; that has changed now. It fills a hole in my toy collection and is a go-to when I want both a good G-spot battering or a gentle internal massage. If you’ve ever looked at the Alpha Male 3 or similar toys and being interested, I wholeheartedly recommend it. If you’re not into G- or P-spot stimulation then it’s not for you, but otherwise, the Alpha Male 3 is about as far from an Alpha Fail as I can imagine. And as a wise man once said, JUST. DO IT.



I was sent this toy in exchange for my honest review

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